Brakes are a normal wear item for any vehicle and will eventually need servicing and or replacing. Many factors will affect brake wear, like driving habits, operating conditions and vehicle type.

We believe in preventative maintenance, by keeping up with your vehicles regular scheduled oil change service, a brake inspection is included in this service. Learn more

You may need to have your brakes inspected if:

The dash brake light or ABS light stays on.
Your vehicle pulls to one side during braking.
You hear noises when applying the brakes.
Your brake pedal feels different or soft, or if you've noticed any change in the way your vehicle brakes.
Your parking brake doesn't work.
Brake Pedal Pulsates up and down.

Worn brake part replacement may include:

Front Brake Pads.
Front Brake Discs (if worn below factory tollerance).
Front Brake Calipers (if worn, or sticking).
Front Wheel Bearings.
Rear Brake Pads or Rear Brake Shoes (Depends on vehicle).
Rear Brake Discs or Brake Drums (if worn below factory tollerance).
Rear Brake Calipers or Rear Drum Brake Wheel Cylinders (if worn, sticking or leaking) (Depends on vehicle).
Rear Wheel Bearings.
Brake Flex Lines.
Brake Hardware Kit.

Other Brake Services we might recommend:

Rear Drum Brake Shoe Adjust.
Brake System Fluid Flush.
Service Brake Caliper Sliders (Clean and Lubricate) .
Adjust Parking Brake Cable (stretched cable, or worn brake shoes).
Parking Brake Cable Lubricate (Replace if worn or sticking).

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