All cars coming from outside B.C. must pass a standardized safety inspection in order to be licensed in the province.

Eden Automotive is an authorized vehicle safety inspection facility. We are authorized to perform many of the vehicle inspections that may be required to register and license your vehicle within the province of British Columbia, as well as Commercial Vehicle Safety Enforcement inspections and private used car Pre Purchase Inspection.

Designated BC Provincial Vehicle Inspection Facility

CVSE A vehicle safety inspection is required for importing a vehicle from another province (Out of Province Inspection) or another country. Before registration and licensing is issued for any vehicle within the province of BC. Eden Automotive, is authorized to perform the necessary inspection to your vehicle. Use our Schedule Service form or call us directly in Port Moody at 1-604-937-5531.

Pre-Purchase Inspection / PPI

Purchasing a used vehicle can be risky. We highly recommend a (PPI) Used Car Pre Purchase Inspection is done before the vehicle sale is final. Planning to purchase a new to you, used vehicle. We highly recommend a pre purchase inspection, don't get stuck with a lemon.

A pre-purchase inspection will provide a detailed assessment by a qualified licensed technician to determine the mechanical and satety condition of a vehicle before completing the purchase.

Typically the buyer pays the cost of the inspection.

A full report for a used vehicle that contains relevant information for accidents and service history can be purchased from CarFax.